TIPS for Kill events and Kingdom Rampage Edit


  • Make sure you have more hospital places than troops. Evolve Medic heros and research medical facilities in Core and all medic-related research.
  • Stock up resources and put them in the alliance depot. Don't be cheap think ahead
  • Don't use your resource items if you don't need them. Resource items can't be stolen, while resources can.


  • Use a shield when you go inactive (remember to do this before you go to bed)
  • Do not farm outside of the alliance farm
  • Send troops to alliance farm and members with shields (as reinforcements) to avoid having them killed


  • Attack farms! Look for farms and attack them, there will probably be no war heros (less damage) and they aren't protected by shields
  • Scout before you attack especially if you are going to make a long trip
  • Check Lord Detail and make sure they don't belong in a big alliance.


  • Higher number kingdoms are less developed.
  • Land near a farm and alliances without shields.
  • If you have a good number of rampage teleports, just jump from farm to farm, don't bother with castles.
  • Move fast out of the kingdom or use a shield when you're done.
  • You can move back to our kingdom with a rampage teleport before the 3 hrs, but you will need to move through the map from kingdom to kingdom.

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