Tips for getting stronger


  • Research heros so that you have more hero slots (gurus) in the different districts and marches
  • Don't play around with materials if you don't need to synthesize them, you might miss them later
  • Play around with your cabinet to have enough stars to get bonuses
  • Make sure you always do your clues search and prioritize Dummies
  • Dummies are used to upgrade heros
  • Materials are used to evolve heros to evolve heros, when they have reached the necessary level (every 10 levels).
  • Heros can really help so upgrade and evolve some of them, don't bother evolving all of them, but start by those who have higher star-potential.



Research is really important. It gives you power that can not be killed! While every aspect should be researched, do not neglect the following:

  • Heros and Gurus in particular which give you more slots in garrisson and marches
  • Medical facilities in City dev and Core, which increase hospital capacity so that your troops don't die when you get attacked
  • Sign of unity in Core, which allows the alliance to have more members (!!!!)


If you are going to buy a pack, think well which one you buy. The ones allowing you to grow your army are ok but troops die, buildings and heros are a more long-term investments.

I would recommend the monthly gift, which is cheaper than big packs and stops you from using all of your new gold and speedups right away. It gives you 1000 gold + 2x 1h speedups each day for a month, forcing you to take it slow.

Only buy one pack a day, as it unlocks daily rewards, but only one suffices.


Or rather don't spend it on:

  • troops
  • speeding up directly an operation. Rather buy speedups according to inferno and daily events.

Good investments:

  • Teleports if you plan to attack at some point or move
  • Hero recruitement (especially the 2700 one), as it gives rarer heros and unlocks daily rewards


Really try hard to do all the invididual and allliance events. Inferno events are a bonus.

Prepare Edit

  • Don't use your speedups or thunderstrikes etc if it's not that day's event !!! Save them up for when they are relevant!!!!
  • Try to get thunderstrikes on the daily rewards for when the monster event comes

Kill events Edit

For info on kill events visit Kill Events and Kingdom Rampage

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